What is Cloudffice?

Cloudffice, free system, is an alternative for complicated and non-transparent CRM systems. Make your work with a customer easier, expedite the sales process, and look after your employees' comfort. Thanks to Cloudffice you will miss no issue, and each task will be performed in a detailed manner. Owing to our CRM Online and a compatible mobile application you will always and everywhere have access to information about your company.

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Your data in Cloudffice is fully secured

  • Chmiuro has built in a number of security measures and its elements are constantly updated and monitored.
  • We meet the requirements of all EU regulations and directives.
  • We comply with the provisions governing personal data protection, and Cloudffice has been reported to GIODO.
  • We use top level security measures.
  • Regardless of the place from which you are using Cloudffice, your data is always encrypted.

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Plan I Plan II Plan III Dedicated plan
Number of users 1
(10 users)
(50 users)
(100 users)
(∞ users)
Document space 2
Max. document/file size 3
Mail recipients 4
Settlements 5
Additional reports 6
(financial reports)
(financial reports)
Google Maps 7
(client location)
(reports, address, map, contact history)
Online chat 8
Company logotype on invoice 9
Data export 10
Data import 11
Calendar 12
E-mail integration 13
Mobile app 14
Client management 15
(1000 contacts)
(5000 contacts)
(10000 contacts)
Whole package price 16

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